Donna Ognibene

Studio Owner, Donna Ognibene, is a former gymnast, marathon runner, and certified Middle School Teacher. Donna came to Pilates and Personal training after 15+ years in the Health and Fitness industry. Pilates quickly became her specialty, as it illuminated what true movement is all about: uniform development of the body, breath as the bridge between body and mind, core strength and muscle length.

Teaching a wide variety of classes at the area’s finest health clubs and studios enabled Donna to develop her own unique style of teaching movement.  Creating and teaching courses for adults, kids, and teens has allowed Donna to further this perspective and connect to the joy of movement inherent in all of us.

In addition to using Pilates and Yoga, Donna takes fitness training to the next level utilizing her skills in AFS to design programs integrating functional movement therapy to help clients overcome injury and achieve enhanced function.  Incorporating these programs along with Neurofascial methods and orthopedic stretching assists in restoring and building core strength after surgery, provides a missing link in many fitness programs, and enhances the performance of athletes.

Donna is certified in Power Pilates, AFAA, and NSCA--a nationally accredited certification which supports research-based knowledge and practical application to improve performance and fitness.  She has studied with Power Pilates Master Teachers/Teacher Trainers Kathy Van Patten, Lolita San Miguel, and Nora Gomez-Dears.  She continues to further her Pilates and fitness education and brings her passion for mindful movement to her students.  In addition, Donna has been chosen as an Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and enjoys taking part in their community events and sharing their manifesto for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.





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